Sept. 1, 2020

Jesus....always.....the same......

Jesus....always.....the same......

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. -Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is...

1. He is the great "I Am" of the Old Testament. He always was, is right now, and will always be.

the same

1.  αὐτός (Autos) in the Greek language. Definition is unchangeable. No commentary needed. 


1. χθές,  of time past


1. σήμερον (sēmeron) - now current. At this very moment. Jesus is the same today as He was in the fiery furnace with the Hebrew children, the same today as He was when He walked with the disciples, the same He was when His power was displayed in the book of Acts. He is the same at this moment, as He has always been.


1. ὁ αἰών (aiōn) - for all time; to the ages

How do measure time? You say, "one day." God says,  "that's a thousand years to Me."  You say, "a thousand years." God says, "that's one day to Me."

                                                           Jesus was, Jesus is, and Jesus will always be!